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About Bitpod

Among the multitude of organizations making efforts towards revolutionizing the way the world perceives technology, Bitpod emerges as a beacon of out-of-the-box thinking. Following a novel approach towards creating problem-solving solutions, Bitpod works with the aim of simplifying business processes to the extent that every peg in the industrial machinery can understand and play a significant role towards achieving organizational targets

We are changing the way how apps are built

We as a team have come up with multiple targeted apps and solutions focused around different pain points of business process automation. Event management, CRM and drag-and-drop based app development platform are some of our flagship solutions which come with the key advantage of seamless integration with over 700 tools.

But that's just the start of a long fruitful journey and we have much more lined up for the future...


Neeraj Gulati

Founder & CEO

Neeraj, in his role as CEO, is driven by his vision of creating a customer focused organization. He strongly believes in nurturing an organisation wide culture of customer as well as employee satisfaction. To this end, he invests a lot of time and effort in implementing processes and practices for product development and quality assurance.

Sukant Gujar

Co-Founder & CTO

Sukant is a natural technologist and a dynamic IT leader who is passionate about building robust products and great teams. He is skilled at leading cross functional engineering teams to design, develop and deploy business solutions on time and within budget. Having a proven track record of meeting client's product development expectations, his specialities include product designs, performance engineering, and web security.