An all-integrating Event Management Platform – Can you name one?

While they’ve always been a great way to promote brands, live events are today being viewed as an awesome method to foster better connections and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. In the chaotic world of digital marketing and online promotions, live events break out as a welcome change for both organizations as well as their customers. In addition to helping generate new leads, such events serve as the perfect place where employees get to know each other outside of the business environment. And that’s why most marketing departments choose to spend a large chunk of their annual budgets on organizing live events.

But thinking of organizing a full-blown event and actually making it happen are two different things. From hiring the right people to tracking expenses to managing registrations, attendees, promotions, and everything else, event management is one heck of a task. No wonder there’s specialized software developed for the field! In fact, Event Management has witnessed an explosion of technology over the past few years with more and more dedicated applications being developed to help organizations manage their events in a streamlined way. And with the way events impact customer and employee engagement, the need for specific features embedded within such software is on the rise.

Integration with other apps – a key feature requirement for Event Management Solutions

Whenever an organization ropes in specialized software for any purpose, one of the main considerations for selecting a solution is – how well it integrates with the existing solutions the organization is using. If the new solution cannot accept data from existing tools and cannot pass processed data to some other existing tool, it leads to a lot of wasted effort in filling the gaps. For instance, when arranging an event, if the Event Management Software cannot accept existing customer details from your database or CRM solution, and then can’t pass on meaningful information to your analysis and reporting tools to evaluate the impact of the event, having such specialized software seems pointless.

That’s the reason modern Event Management solution providers equip their products with wide integration capabilities. And if you’re looking out for software or tools that can help you plan your upcoming events, integrations with other apps and software should be something you should keep in mind.

Need a little help in picking such a worthwhile Event Management Solution? We’ve got just the one for you!

‘Bitpod Events’ – One-stop Solution for creating and managing the perfect events

Among the plethora of Event Management Software available online, ‘Bitpod Events’ stands out from the competition since it comes equipped with all the features you need to plan and execute great events. Whether you need to create an online portal to manage registrations and sell tickets, allot time slots and sequences to speakers and important guests, take care of logistics and payments, or promote your event to the right audiences, ‘Bitpod Events’ lets you do it all through an easy-to-work-with dashboard. What’s more, the solution is loaded with low-code tools which let business as well as functional users take charge of the technical aspects and build exactly what they are envisioning with their own hands.

With ‘Bitpod Events’ in tow, you don’t need to hire event service providers; you can be your own event service provider. From start-to-end, it will arm you with the right in-built tools and all the integrations you need to build your brand and increase revenue.

Key Integrations ‘Bitpod Events’ offers
Bitpod Events offers integrations with some of the most popular CRM, collaboration, and marketing tools currently used by global organizations. To name a few:

  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • Zapier

And a bunch more are being enabled.

A few last words
The power of modern day live events is largely augmented by Event Management Software. Dedicated platforms that can allow organizations not only to create and manage memorable events, but also to gain useful insights from them and engage customers and employees alike. ‘Bitpod Events’ is a game-changer among the hundreds of Event Management Solutions currently available, and it offers a feature-set that stands out from the other products in its League.

Intrigued by ‘Bitpod Events’? Check out its full feature set here or request a demo.