Event management software which integrates with salesforce CRM

Most medium to large organizations use CRM to manage their customer relationship, leads and marketing campaigns. Majority of these leads originate from events, which organizations may have either hosted or participated. Therefore event planning and management is a critical component of any organization's sales & marketing strategy. Non Profit as well as for profit organizations participate or host events to grow their customer or member base. Many businesses do it to launch new products, Nonprofits host events to raise funds, associations and industry bodies host events to bring members and experts together. In this hyper digital era, events have become an important platform to bring people together and share ideas. It takes a lot of effort to organize an event, therefore event organizers are investing a lot of time and funds in getting the right event technology in order to accept registrations, sell tickets, manage check-ins, engage with attendees and gather feedback.

One of the most important first steps in this process is to capture event registrations and bring them as leads or contacts into CRM systems such as Bitpod CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hubspot or any system of customer record. Therefore selecting a tool which integrates with Salesforce or other CRM is very very important. But sadly not many systems offer out of the box integration for example Eventbrite, the most popular and widely used event management system does not provide out of the box integration with salesforce or any other CRM, so event organizers have to depend on other paid tools to manage such integrations, which may not be a scalable solution for every event. To resolve this integration challenges for many organizations, Bitpod Event took on this challenge to create out of the box connectors with Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Hubspot and many other CRMs.

Bitpod Event is the only event planning and management software which integrates out of the box with salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Hubspot and many other CRMs. As of today Bitpod event is the top choice in the market to solve integration challenges for event organizers.

Bitpod event is a leader in the software integration category, because it allows customers to not only use standard mapping but also has the ability to define custom mappings for each organization as well as each event.

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