Presenting Bitpod’s New Logo

We have great news to share. Bitpod’s new brand identity is ready to hit the floors.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new logo which you’ll be able to spot anywhere we’re out in public – our website, as well as Bitpod’s LinkedIn and Twitter handles. We’ve spent several exciting hours coming up with the right colors and thoughts behind the new logo and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

So what is it all about?

Since our founding we’ve pretty much followed the consistent and clean purple-and-white theme with an equally consistent logo design. But with the introduction of upgrades in our flagship products – CRM, Event Management, and Low Code Platform – we knew this was just the right time for a great makeover.

So, our best minds sat together to come up with the right amalgamation of hues, shades, and styles which could reflect how we’ve evolved over time. After all, we needed to bring out the best in a few pixels!

And finally, we’ve come up with a new look for our entire identity. You’ll see more colors in the logo signifying the dash of creativity we always like to pursue. The ‘b’ for Bitpod has been rounded at the corners to convey our flexibility to adapt to project requirements and the open end shows that we’re a hub of endless potential.

The revamp signifies our growth

Adapting to constantly changing market trends and learning from the best in the industry, Bitpod is slowly but surely emerging as a full-blown digital transformation hub offering diverse apps and solutions. Our solutions solve real pain points of modern business and come with the advantage of seamless integration with over 700 tools. We’ve even brought this out by including four different colors in the new logo!

So with the aim that we will progress much more, we’ve set on this path with a bang and we’re sure you’ll join us as we move forward.

Here’s what our founders have to say about the Logo

Bitpod logo carries a simplistic design which is a core belief of everyone at the company, and therefore, it gets immersed in every product we have been creating. Vividness of colors is a reflection of our team, our celebrations and our love for building products which our customers can enjoy using.

- Neeraj Gulati, Founder & CEO

Bitpod, literally a pod for bits, signifies a nurturing ground where the quantum of innovation happens. The new logo aptly depicts this interplay of bits with the dot and the bar of the 'b'. The cursive lowercase letter portrays the open and playful atmosphere where every individual idea is discussed and nourished. And the primary colors speak diversity, an environment where every person is celebrated.

- Sukant Gujar, Co-Founder & CTO