The 3 best alternatives to Evenbrite

Event Management Software is to event planners what a knife is to a chef. Without it, things can be done, yes, but not as easily and efficiently as with it. And that’s exactly why the online marketplace is full of worthy options when it comes to choosing a reliable, feature-rich, and secure Event Management Software solution.

If you’re an event planner, you must be aware of the immense variety of options that are available to you when it comes to selecting Event Management Software. Because if you’re not, there’s potentially a lot you could be missing out on.

Through this quick-read post, we’re going to conduct a comparison between the current leader in Event Management Solutions and its top 3 alternatives. The aim here is to highlight the fact that you can get a lot more out of your Event Management Software selection if you select it according to the exact features and pricing you want.

Eventbrite - The leading Event Management Software Solution

A simple search for ‘Eventbrite’ will give you an idea of the reach and hold this event management solution has over the market. This intuitive self-service platform helps event planners make extensive use of the web and some fantastic inbuilt tools to better organize and host their events. Though it has several benefits to its credit, some of the more noticeable ones are process automation, collaboration, ticket management, and sales tracking.

But every coin has two sides

Though Evenbrite is a great solution in its niche, it isn’t perfect. There are issues to this software some of which are enough to put off budding event planners from their first tryst with it. Namely:

  • Not-so-pocket-friendly charges for paid tickets
  • Integration issues
  • Absence of an option to plug-in your own payment gateway
  • Data security and privacy issues

Overcoming these fallbacks, there are other, more cost-effective and simpler-to-use solutions available in the market if you’re open to options. We like the below mentioned ones the best.

The 3 best alternatives to Eventbrite

Why these 3 solutions make the cut for us is simple - they offer superior functionalities, are quite cost-effective, and are on the road to gaining great industry repute.

1. Bitpod
Bitpod is a pioneer when it comes to offering scalable and flexible solutions for smart enterprises. Bitpod Events, their Event Management Software, is loaded with features any event planner would find extremely useful including custom branding options, secure payment gateway, multiple registration types, detailed reporting capabilites, and an intuitive user interface. The software allows planners to set up a custom event management portal and start selling tickets in as short a time as a few minutes! Be it offering event memberships, selling tickets, managing sessions, handling logistics, or tackle any aspect of managing a full-blown corporate event, Bitpod Events is your go-to solution.

Built with a low-code perspective, Bitpod Events comes with capabilities like drag-and-drop workflow designer, identity and access management, UI and forms design, rules design, document management, API management, and much more. Offering integrations with 700+ third-party apps and tools, Bitpod Events helps you maximize revenue, increase audience engagement, and achieve complete process automation.

Interested in giving Bitpod a go? Sign-up for a 14-day free trial here.

2. GoogleForms
If you’re looking to host a free-for-all event, GoogleForms is the platform for choice. Offering an extremely user-friendly interface to work with, planners new to this platform can start accepting event registrations within minutes. The platform has industry-specific solutions tailored as per specific audiences and it allows event planners to leverage a wide variety of built-in marketing tools to promote their event.

There are limitations for payment processing but this is a really good tool for accepting registrations for free events. Fully mobile responsive, GoogleForms is another option you could consider.

3. TownScript
Taking targeted marketing to another level is XING Events. Applying their solid market knowledge to event planners’ benefit, this platform helps you boost ticket sales exponentially. Key features offered by this solution include online registration builder, entry management, event data intelligence analyzer, APIs, and more.

Having several success stories to boast about, XING Events is another upcoming contender for the spot of the #1 Event Management Software.

Evaluating the options
There you go! Those are the top 3 alternatives to Eventbrite in our opinion. Remember to compare feature-lists and prices before picking an Event Management Solution for your upcoming event. There are a lot of options on the market so keep your mind open to possibilities.