Why is event management software de facto for universities to arrange their event?

The educational landscape is evolving. Today, more than being places for gathering knowledge, universities have become hub-spots for networking. With employee and student expectations changing, universities have got to inculcate collaborative activities in their curriculum to keep things interesting and attractive. In such a setting, hosting relevant events plays a key role in engaging current batches as well as alumni.

Typical events hosted at universities and challenges involved

Campus events play a crucial role in enriching student life. They bring the current and previous batches together and attract prospective students for future batches. Moreover, events often act as drivers for change within universities and help with fundraising for important causes.

Typically, universities host the following kinds of events throughout the year:

  • Commencements and graduations

  • Faculty meetings

  • Networking events

  • Orientations and parent events

  • Alumni fundraisers and reunions

  • Conferences and symposiums

  • Seminars and classes

  • Student enrollments

  • Galas and dinners

  • Sporting events, and more

But planning a large-scale event within time and budget constraints can get challenging. Following outdated manual processes can lead to wastage of resources and prove to be inefficient. With technology reaching every corner of the education sector, modern day universities are making use of intuitive and efficient Event Management Software to plan and execute their events in a better manner.
Event Management Software not only makes organizing college events easier, it helps achieve a lot more like deriving impactful insights. Collecting student feedback becomes simpler and so do many other pre, during, and post event activities. In fact, there are a lot of ways in which Event Management Software can take university events to the next level.

How Event Management Software enhance event planning for Universities

  • They automate manual processes

    Gone are the times when universities used spreadsheets to organize and manage on-campus events. With Event Management Software, manual tasks like registrations, email lists, and reporting can be automated to achieve better efficiency and allow event planners to focus on matters like strategy and student engagement.
    Automating such manual processes comes with several benefits:
    • It makes sure events and planning staff are always on the same page

    • All the information related to the event can stay organized at one place

    • Setting up event agenda becomes more streamlined

  • They let you take a step beyond registrations

    In addition to achieving hassle-free registrations, Event Management Software allow you to do much more like manage sessions and speakers, prepare seating charts, collect surveys and feedback, as well as perform data analytics. Loads of event related operations can be automated with the use of such dedicated event management platforms.

  • They help manage events with scalability

    At a university, an event can take any shape and size. And an Event Management Software has the capability to handle it all. Whether it is a closed alumni meet or a multi-day orientation program, a reliable and high-quality Event Management Software can take care of all the nitty-gritties through a single interface.

  • They help with measuring event success

    If you don’t learn from your event’s successes and failures, half of your entire effort in planning it goes to waste. However, without proper analytical tools, extracting meaningful information can become tough. Event Management Software comes into the picture here as well by facilitating easy data collection and analytics. Inbuilt reports and dashboards simplify the process of measuring the event against success and failure parameters and derive insights. They also make tracking expenses, payments, and ROI simpler.

Summing up the thoughts

Whether it is campus service managers, facility professionals, or managers of IT, everyone can make use of a centralized Event Management Software to perform their dedicated duties related to an on-campus event. With such a platform powering your initiatives, your event can achieve much better results as compared to complete manual organization. Every event involves a bunch of tasks to be taken care of, and event ticketing is a prominent one of them. With specialized event ticketing software in place, planners can minimize a lot of their workload while also streamlining processes and taking care of several additional things like managing ticket inventory, handling discounts, taking care of attendee check-ins, reminders, and a lot more.