Why event management software which come with low-code platform makes more sense

Managing events is a hectic job and one that is difficult to perform flawlessly, especially if you don’t have a sidekick. In this digital era, that sidekick is trusty event management software. There are plenty of reliable platforms out there that can help in keeping an eye out on all the different aspects of event management. However, specialized capabilities like the inculcation of low-code tools in event management software make some platforms stand out from the rest.

Today, plenty of leading companies are offering low-code event management platforms. The best part about this is that low-code can be used for pretty much any use case, especially if you have plans to pair it with other supporting tools. Through this post, we aim at highlighting the primary benefits of event management software that come with low-code platforms.

Let’s dive straight in.

Benefits of Low-Code Event Management Platforms

Low-code event management software naturally performs better than others. The reason behind this is what we will see in this section. There are tons of advantages of using a low-code platform. Let’s take a look at some.

  • Speed:
    Naturally, speed is one of the biggest advantages. According to John Rymer, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, low-code makes event management software run at least 10 times faster than your regular platforms. Some features that we take for granted, such as integration with third-party tools, drag-and-drop functionality, and one-click application delivery are all frequently seen in low-code platforms. These time conscious options help users build apps faster thanks to their pre-built user interface. Not only can they work faster, but it also makes implementing work far easier. Event management includes several aspects, such as budget, booking, payment, and more. With third-party tool integration, you can be sure that you stay ahead of the game.

  • Multi-Channel Capabilities:
    While B2C applications allow companies to get a better online presence, they come with certain problems as well. A major one includes scaling of services. The answer is using a low-code platform. Since it uses a low-code solution, the company will be able to develop multi-channel touch points consisting of both mobile apps and web. The key here is the built-in AI and machine learning abilities. Live chat with Chatbots negates the need for a call centre and offers the users everything they need while allowing you to scale up.

  • Built-in Governance and Risk Management:
    Having low-code event management software allows featuring built-in governance capabilities. While this would be managed by the company’s IT team, your users would be able to build the solution they want. However, you can be sure that nothing will happen without your approval, while you manage certain risks effectively. The industry is changing at a rapid pace. Low-code platforms pave the way for fast change so that you are always caught up with the latest.

  • Decreased Costs and Higher Productivity:
    With low-code event management software, you don’t need so many resources to take care of the platform itself. This means lower costs, leading to all-around savings. It also leads to faster work and higher productivity. What once took weeks and months can now be accomplished effectively in just days.

  • User Base and Customer Experience:
    The reason why it makes more sense for event management software to have low-code capabilities is that it will allow users to work faster and better, switching over to hand-coding when needed, and generally enjoy more flexibility. The software that comes with pre-built functionality gives users even more convenience. With more user base, we naturally need to ensure that the software offers a pleasing customer experience. The best part about low-code platforms is that they boast of increased speed, which translates directly into better customer experience.

Summing up the thoughts

Low-code platforms are highly useful since they offer many use cases in different fields. Since event management is a niche where several entities are involved, it only makes sense to have low-code software augmenting primary operations. The standard capabilities offered by most platforms include mapping, data management, better speed, decreased costs, and so on. With low-code event management software, you can be sure you are going the smart way.