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Build zero-distraction impactful surveys to collect responses swiftly. Target diverse audiences, choose from a range of question styles, share instantly. Creating forms was never this easy!

Multiple Question Types to Choose From

Best questionnaire software with a range of options to choose from. Pick a style, fill in the details, and save. Publish with a single-click when you want.

Add Logic to your Surveys

Control the question flow and decide what should be asked next based on the information given in the prior question.

Auto-Score Tests & Share Results

Set a score for each question in your online test and compute the total at the end. Display the result at the last page or email to the participant.

Remotely Proctor Participant Responses

Put a check on unethical test completion or delegated survey responses with the best survey software. Proctor participants through live image capture or checking browser window switches.

Geo-Fence your Surveys

Ensure the employee, client, or customer feedback you receive is genuine. Set GPS location fencing to ensure only the audience located in a geographic region takes the survey. .

Add Time Limits to Surveys

Set time limits for online tests or competitive exams. Add time limits to each question or to the whole survey.

“Must Answer or Optional Questions”

Customizable questionnaire software that lets you mark questions as must-answer to restrict progress if the participant hasn’t provided a response.

Analyze Responses & Make Informed Decisions

Gain access to a range of survey analysis tools that help you visualize response trends and create reports.

Survey for diverse screen sizes

Responsive survey tool that automatically optimizes surveys according to device. Enable responses from anywhere.

Share Surveys Via Social Media Or Email

Create a survey and share instantly with all your contacts. Whether on social media or email, reach the right audience every time.

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